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Combining Art with Activism to Build the Black Community.

ShaWanna Renee Rivon presents:
The Black Power Arts Celebration
September 30-October 2, 2022

Riverside Methodist Church, 4920 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX

Playwright ShaWanna Renee Rivon received the Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant awarded by Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance to bring a 3-Day celebration centered around The Black Panther Party and Artists serving in the community.

The Black Power Arts Celebration will kick off a series of events on Friday, September 30, 2022, at Riverside Methodist Church, 4920 Cullen Blvd. The Black Power Arts Celebration was created to acknowledge, learn, and celebrate the works in the Black community by the Black Panther Party and create a space where artists, civic leaders, and community members can adopt the BPP ideology in helping create solutions for the Black community today.


Friday: Events will include the Black Joy Playwright Class at 4pm, created and developed by ShaWanna to foster writers of all backgrounds to create Black leading characters and well-rounded Black stories. At 7:30pm, there will be a presentation of ShaWanna’s play Power to the Queendom: A play inspired by the Houston’s Black Panther Party and the night their leader, Carl Hampton, was assassinated. A talkback will follow immediate after the performance with the writer, director, actors, and members of the Houston’s BPP chapter.


Saturday: Events will start with volunteering at 9am to help serve families in need with community member Pastor Keith L. Somerville and Riverside Methodist Church. At 4pm the panel discussion starts featuring nationally known Black Panther members Gayle Dickson, Emory Douglass, John “Bunchy” Crear, and other active community members in Houston. The guest panel will be addressed with today’s issues facing our community and serve as a guide to find solutions by sharing their experience in the community, activism, and art. The evening will close with dinner and dancing to celebrate the work, past, present, and future.


Sunday: At 3pm the participants of the Black Joy Playwright Class will meet and share their work.

Order of Events

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 Black Joy Playwright Class

 Friday 4-7pm

The Black Joy Playwright Classes are for anyone who wants to write joyful-vibrant-truthful stories about Black life. 


Writers have a responsibility to write Black characters that are Three Dimensional, that are leads, that are in love, and that are funny without falling into a trope!


This workshop will help you develop your stories, how to create your characters, and the series will feature classes on how to write: Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Historical Figures and Historical Events.

Sold Out

Power to the Queendom

by: ShaWanna R. Rivon
Friday 7:30pm

Four female Black Panther members are caught in a hostage situation while defending their Chairman Carl Hampton. Houston 1970.

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Feed the Community

     October 8, 9am-12pm

Join our Riverside family as we serve families in need.

The Black Power Arts Celebration

Artists Activist Panel

Saturday 4pm

Please come and be a part of the conversation around issues facing Houston's Black community and help find solutions with our expert panelist.

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